The main section of the shrine. All the info about Kai is here. Please, beware that there are unmarked spoilers in this section, so be careful if you don't want to get spoiled. Enjoy!

× basics
    all the basic info about Kai

× childhood
    stolen innocence

× first impressions
    when Kai appeared for the first time

× role
    antagonist or main character?

× surface
    on the outside

× deep down
    Kai's inner self

× outfits
    one for every season

× eyes
    the soul's mirror

× phoenix
    Kai's bit beast

× dranzer
    Kai's loyal beyblade

× evolution
    the way he changes throughout the series

× alter ego
    other characters very similar to Kai

× quotes
    gems of wisdom


Let's take a look at Kai's various relationships with other characters of the series.

× takao
    the eternal rival and friend

× rei
    the chinese tiger

× max
    the cheerful american

× kyouji
    the team's mind

× hiromi
    the only girl on the team

× yuriy
    the russian companion

× hito
    the evil grandfather

× others
    relationships with other minor characters

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