Nothing is known about Kai's childhood until later in the first series of Beyblade, when the Bladebreakers go to Russia to fight against the Russian team, the Demolition Boys. When they arrive in Russia, the trainer of the Demolition Boys, a man named Vorkof, offers them a tour at the monastery where all the boys who want to become bladers are sent to, in order to train and become strong bladers. Kai immediately feels something strange when stepping into the monastery, but he can't quite understand why at first. After leaving that place, he still feels something 'weird' about it and he wants to know why. So, of course, being Kai, he sneaks out at night and returns to the monastery on his own. After a series of events, Kai was met by Vorkof in the monastery, in the room where they kept Black Dranzer. There, Kai's past is revealed by Vorkof.

The reason why Kai felt uneasy was because he'd already been at the monastery - more exactly, when he was just a child. Nothing is known about Kai's parents and the only relative he has is his grandfather Hito, who also secretly promotes the monastery's researches on Bit Beasts. Kai was sent there in his early years to be trained as a blader (and possibly to be able to control BlackDranzer one day).

One day, when BlackDranzer was created, the kids in the monastery were given the chance to take a look at it (through only glass, as nobody could touch or control the beyblade). Kai was immediately drawn to BlackDranzer - he was fascinated by it and wanted to try it out. And of course, being Kai, he sneaked out at night (some things never change, I guess?) and tried launching BlackDranzer. However, as the beyblade was way too powerful and Kai was just a child, he couldn't control it and ended up destroying the monastery. The trauma also caused Kai to lose part of his memory and that's why he couldn't remember why the monastery looked familiar.

That's the only information we get about Kai's past in the anime. The only relative ever mentioned in the series is Hito, his grandfather, so we probably are to assume that Kai has either lost his parents, or that he was an orphan. Either way, he grew up in Russia and, although very little is said about his life in the monastery, we can assume that it certainly wasn't too pleasant and that the training was hard. His childhood is also one of the reasons why Kai has such a cold and distant personality - who wouldn't develop one after being at Vorkof's monastery? We could say that Kai's childhood has been 'stolen', in a sense - he wasn't free to play or do what children usually do. Instead, he was taught that he had to be the best and win every match, at any cost, and to have no mercy on opponents and only look at them as enemies. Thank goodness he was able to escape from that place and, later on, understand more important values, such as friendship and to respect opponents.

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