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We have pictured Kai's outer personality and the slight change of it after Russia. Now it's time to analyze one of the crucial points of this character – his inner personality. Is Kai really like he just appears to be on the outside? Is he just a character that doesn't talk a lot, who is perhaps a bit cold, or is there more than what meets the eye?

Well, the answer is: yes, Kai does have an 'inner' personality that is a little different from what he looks on the surface. There are a few aspects of his personality that don't often come out and might not strike as obvious, but they are there, hidden deep down – and we're going to point them out in this section.

First off, one big thing about Kai is the passion he puts into beyblading. He's really dedicated to this sport and it shows – he's always training and pushing himself to become a better blader (even though he's already one of the best). This aspect might appear a bit obvious, given that he's part of the BBA and all – however, I'm not just talking about his skills as a blader, but of all the effort he puts into every match. See, Kai is often portrayed as a quiet character who doesn't talk much, only when he feels it's needed. He's a skilled blader (and he knows it), but whereas other bladers like to be cocky about their skills, Kai doesn't do that. (The only exception probably being when he started using BlackDranzer, but he was practically brain-washed by the Borg.) Honestly, sometimes he might look like he isn't that devoted to this sport, as it's also kind of rare to see him beybattle against somebody (unless it's an important match) – sometimes Kai's matches don't even last that long, as he's a quick-winner. What I'm talking about, however, is the true passion he has for this sport that comes out only during certain matches, especially those against Takao. During those matches, Kai really gives all he's got into blading and will try his best to win, no matter what. He acts quite differently from his usual quiet self when he's in the middle of an important match and this aspect of his personality can only be seen during a beybattle (and that doesn't happen every episode).

We mustn't forget that Kai's element is fire, not ice – and there's a reason for that. While he may act a bit coldly on the outside, there is always that raging fire within him – it might not be noteceable to the naked eye, but you just need to look a bit deeper and you'll see it.

Also, this might just be a little trivia, but it's shown a couple of times during the series that Kai loves animals. In an early episode of G-Revolution, he's shown feeding a little cat and petting it; while in one of the ending themes of G-Revolution, namely Oh yes!!, there is a shot of him feeding a little dog. Don't you think that's just adorable? The tough blader who actually has a soft spot for pets. Aww!

I'll admit that Kai's inner personality is a bit hard to define at the beginning of the series. I think that his 'outer' and his 'inner' personality were actually the same when he was first introduced. We couldn't quite figure out whether he was a bad guy or not, although there are a few exceptions where he actually helped his teammates, voluntarily or not – but most of the time he just denied his 'kindness' towards others and even said he did so for himself and to keep on participating in the tournament. When he seemed to help his teammates, you couldn't quite understand why he was doing it – if he was genuinely helping them because deep inside he cared for them, or because he couldn't go on in the tournament if he hadn't done anything. That's kind of a confusing behavior, because we can't understand whether he's making up excuses because he doesn't want people to see his caring side, or if he's just figured out he wouldn't be able to go on with his teammates acting like weak bladers. We only see glimpses of what Kai's 'inner' personality might be, and when we might think that deep down he's a good guy, he goes back to being distant and quiet. (See the mask part about his outer personality.)

I think we can all agree that Kai's inner personality is quite different (if not totally the opposite) of his outer personality. He's the mix of ice and fire, making him a very intriguing character – possibly one that you would like to see in a different animanga, where beybattles don't take up 90% of the plot. But this sport is an important part of Kai and we wouldn't want it any other way, right?

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