» What's 'direct linking'? Why shouldn't I do it?
Direct linking is taking the URL of an image and paste it anywhere else as it is. In other words, you don't upload the image on your own server; instead, you use my space, thus you steal my bandwidth. Bandwidth is extremely important, as it allows people to view my site. I have a certain amount of bandwidth per month; if that amount is exceeded, you can't view the site until next month. So please, don't direct link anything from here and don't use my bandwidth! It's bad!

» Can I use content from your sites for my own?
It may sound rude, but please don't. Every content you find (in shrines and so on) is written exclusively by me. It takes me a lot of time to write everything, even more than it usually takes to an English native speaker, so please, I'd appreciate if you didn't just copy and paste it in your own website.

» Can I use your layout/graphics/etc.?
Again, I have to say no. I put a lot of effort in making my layouts and half the time I'm not even pleased with what I come up with, so it really means a lot to me if I make a layout I actually like. There are many sites that offer premade layouts even better than mines, so please, don't take mine. Same thing for everything else you see.

» Can you make me a layout/graphics/etc.?
I'm sorry, but I don't take any kind of request, especially if it involves layouts or anything that deals with my inspiration. It may sound weird, but I need inspiration to do most of the things I do, and my inspiration is something that comes and goes continously. Trust me, it's better if you don't get involved with it. You can always use premade layouts, as stated above.

» I love Kai and your shrine! Can I contribute to it in any way?
Of course you can! You can send me anything you've made that features Kai (icons, wallpapers, fanfictions, fanarts and so on) and it will be added to the shrine (and you'll be given full credit, of course). Or you can simply join the fanlisting and spread the love. <3 If, by any change, you have written some sort of manifesto/essay about Kai (in which you express your love for this character, or why this character is great in your opinion, etc.), then send it to me and I'll gladly read it/add it to the shrine. :)

» I found something in your shrine that is incorrect!
Well, it's something that could happen. I always try my best with this shrine and I try to give the most truthful and complete information about Kai (and I always check the information I have, which comes from watching the series itself). However, it's certainly been some time since I watched Beyblade (not to mention I haven't had the chance to completely watch the third season yet), so something like this could happen. If you feel that something I wrote here is incomplete/incorrect, then please let me know, so I can correct it. :)

» I've got a Beyblade related shrine, too! Can we be affiliates?
Sure! Just contact me. :)

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