why 'flames of ice'?

Flames of Ice is probably one of the weirdest names I've come up with. It was the first name I thought I could use for this shrine and, even though I'd made a list of other names I could choose, in the end I decided to use this one (also because the name wouldn't get out of my head).

Flames obviously comes from Kai's bitbeast's element. The element of Kai's phoenix is, in fact, fire. All of Dranzer's (Kai's beyblade) attacks are fire-type. Fire also reflects part of Kai's personality. We all know that Kai is a skilled and talented blader, but, unlike Takao, he is not cocky about it and he doesn't exactly go around flaunting his blading skills. He is very reserved and cold towards most people, but when it comes to blading, he acts quite the opposite. He always tries his very best to win all of his matches and really puts all he's got into blading. During a beybattle, Kai's passion for this sport really shows itself, as well as his burning desire to be the best.

Ice, on the other hand, obviously comes from Kai's cold and reserved personality. At the beginning of the first series, it's obvious he's a loner and that he can't stand being in a team. However, as the series goes on, he goes through a changing process, and we see that behind that icy personality there's actually a warm spirit. As the anime goes on, Kai's personality remains practically the same - he's quiet most of the time and sometimes he prefers to be alone. But he's not the same as he was at the beginning of the series - he cares about his teammates and accepts the fact that sometimes teamwork is the key to win, and he'd do anything for his friends and to bring his team to victory (at the beginning, the only person he wanted to bring victory to was himself and nobody else).

So, that's why I think Flames of Ice is a good name that fits Kai quite a lot. It shows both sides of his complex personality, which is basically what made me like him so much in the first place.

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