why kai?

I think this section is a must for every shrine. So, why exactly did I choose Kai out of all the characters I love?

Well, the thing is, Beyblade was one of the first animanga I've fallen in love with. I was still a little girl and Beyblade was my biggest fandom at the time. Guys that fight each other with spinning tops that hold mysterious and powerful creatures within them? I pretty much considered it the best thing ever, no kidding.

But anyway, back to the main question. Why Kai? I'm not quite sure myself. I've just really, really liked him since he showed up in the first episode of Beyblade. Even though he sounded like a total jerk in the first few episodes, I never considered him to be one.

I guess it was the mysterious aura around him that made me like him. We know nothing of Kai until the final episodes of the first season, when the Bladebreakers come to Russia. There his terrible past is revealed and we get to understand how he came to be the lonely guy he was in the previous episodes. Discovering he had such a terrible past just made me like him more. And then, after that, he just kind of becomes a bad guy obsessed with power and betrays his teammates. But I still liked him.

But the thing I love the most about this character is the way he changes after that. He learns to trust his teammates and he starts to believe in teamwork. (At the beginning he just couldn't accept being part of a team.) In fact, when his evil grandfather tries to make him come back to him offering him Black Dranzer again, he doesn't accept his offer and goes against his grandfather's will. That also shows how much he's changed. He wouldn't accept Black Dranzer in order not to betray his teammates. That's a big change, in my opinion, and also something to be proud of.

I believe this character was the reason why I kept watching the anime. Even though Beyblade can be a bit of an obvious anime/manga at some points and sometimes its storyline isn't quite one the deepest ones, I watched season 2 and (partially) 3 regardless, because I wanted to see more of Kai's character development and wanted to know some important plot points that revolved around him.

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